The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

So, I’ve always wondered how you start these things.

Do I start with saying thanks for joining us on our new adventure or do I simply start by just saying hi. Either way I’m excited you’re here and looking forward to the journey we’re starting on.

My name is Helen and my boyfriend is Ryan. We are two young professionals living in rural North Wales readily planning and preparing for a trip of a lifetime. The idea is that we’re going to cycle the world between September 2019-2020, starting in Japan and ending in Australia with one or two countries in between. Sounds simple right? Well neither of us have done a cycle tour and in fact, I haven’t cycled more than 30km so believe me the nerves and worries are there. But we’re optimistic and excited so that’s half the battle right?

Join us as we document the planning of this huge project and eventually blog about the highs and lows, our experiences and adventures and how life is on two wheels.

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