Final Prepartions!

Final Prepartions!

So, 8 days to go… Excitment and fear glore!

Ryan just left for work, only 4 more shifts for him, I’ll be in work tonight 3 more to go for me. Saying goodbye this morning we said see you on Friday as we know we won’t be able to catch up properly until then. Scary, cause at that point we’ll be less than a week to go.

Lots of final planning has been going on here, we’re narrowed down the list of jobs we need to do. Trying to think of the random and obscure jobs that may arise over the next two-ish weeks. Including buying a chopping board, organising bike boxes to pack our bikes into, and photocopying important documents.

This morning I’ve written myself a list of medical supplies I think we may need. I’m also going to try and nip into town to gather an assortment of things we still need. But the rest of the day I’m going to spend time in my mum’s garden; tidying up and rearranging. Having time in the garden has become one of my favourite past times over this last year, I’ve planted smaller plants and watched them bloom and also even grown some flowers from seed, such a satisfying way to spend your time. When everything starts to feel a little hectic, grounding myself in the garden has been a wonderful way to manage my anxieties. Only yesterday I was talking excitedly about the diversity of plant life were going to see, including the different terrains, seasons, and landscapes we will encounter over this next year.

Over the past week, many chores have been seen to. Ryan has fitted our dynamo hubs with the transformer so we can now charge things using it. we’ve pretty much sorted out both of our wardrobes for next the year out and travel insurance is all booked. Financial aspects have been taken care of too. We’ve organised a Monzo card, so we can withdraw cash aboard without added expenses, sorted out our credit card and reorganised money in our current and savings accounts. Further, Ryan’s car is now up for sale and I mine will be by the end of the week too.

This past week has been a week of goodbyes. I said goodbye to my most beautiful university friends, Beth and Sarah, the best, kindest and most supportive friends you could wish for. A Chinese and Bridemaids was the most perfect way to say goodbye. I love you both so much. I also had my last hurrah with the work girls, drinks in Liverpool, trying to wrangle about 70 midwives is always hilarious and delightful. Thank you for the wonderful presents, you heavenly angels. Then finally, my wonderful sister Sarah, hosted a party at her house to give us the most fabulous send-off. Lots of family time, cuddles with my nieces, food and drinks, I couldn’t ask for anything better. Sarah made us a lovely powerpoint of all pictures of Ryan and I, to some of our favourite songs, definitely brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you to all our my family for all of the support you have given and shown us. We are so grateful, we love you, and we will miss you. Now, we still have a wee bit more time left before we go, so we will see each other a few more times before we set off but it was just so nice to have that special time together. Next weekend we’re having time with Ryan’s family where they will be hosting something for us, and we absolutely can’t wait.

The cogs are in motion and the wheels are turning. Each day we’re getting closer to the trip of a lifetime and it’s started to feel more and more real now. 8 days to go…

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